Thursday, September 27, 2007

A sad note tonight.

We received a sad call today. My husband's brother, who lives in Nebraska, called to say that his wife died this morning. She had been ill with heart problems for some time and it seems that she died in her sleep. She was only 55 years old. Anyway, the reason I'm telling you all this is because I want to thank Carol (and all who responded back to me) for the lovely "Sisters Day" e-mail that she sent because I sent this to my sister-in-law Tuesday and I don't know if she got to read it or not. I pray that she did. This also goes along with SherryC's e-mail that she sent out today that had to do with not waiting to do, use and say things. There may not be another chance. So I just want to tell you all that even though we've never met face to face, I love you all dearly and you are all special to me.
Love and Blessings,

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What In The World Were We Thinking? (More Old Lady Ramblings)

Sunday night after church, my darling husband came up with the idea that we should go camping at least one more time before we winterize the camper. So, ok, I'll agree to that (even though it means a week without my computer, lol). Well, we wake up Monday morning and we both are kind of wishy-washy, do we want to go this week or wait until next week?? We finally decide on next week. "Well....(I say, in all my wisdom, lol) since we aren't going camping, let's paint the living room, it's something we've been meaning to do for a few months now. OK, we spend most of the day Monday discussing what color we want and we may as well paint the ceiling while we're at it. Tuesday, morning we go to the local paint store, purchase the paint, drop cloths, brushes, know, all the things you need to literally tear a whole room apart, move furniture, tape up wood work and door frames (Gary can get pretty dangerous when armed with a paint brush). Now, here we are on Wednesday... we have unexpected visitors this morning and finally get started painting at 12:30. Oops.....I forgot, today is the day I have to go to the doctor to get my flu shot at 2:30pm. Gotta stop, bathe, wash the paint out of my hair and fight midday traffic to get to my doctor's office, which by the way, is in another town. Now wouldn't you think it would be a fairly quick thing to get a simple flu shot? Think again!! I had to wait almost an hour! Ok, whatever. By now, it's going on 4pm and since we got started late, we skipped lunch and now I'm starving. No problem..Kentucky Fried Chicken drive thru, (thank you, Colonel Sanders). By now, Gary has figured that we probably won't be painting anymore today, so he's got the brushes washed out and waiting patiently for me to get home with food. We clear a place at the kitchen table...(we're painting the living room, how did the kitchen get to be such a mess?) and set down to enjoy our "dinner". Guess what??? By the time we finish our meal, it's time to get ready for church!!! We will probably be at least another two days getting finished with our "little project" that I thought sounded like a good idea THREE days ago. Oh well, to quote the famous southern belle Scarlett O'Hara, "Tomorrow is another day."By next week, we're going to NEED that week of camping to rest up. WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE WE THINKING???

Angles Watching Over Me, My Lord

Another picture of our sweet Grand Daughter, CJ. I made this in PSE5. The title is a song the children sing at church and I thought the beautiful kit, "Angels From Above" from our friend Jenny at Jenny Scraps was the perfect one to use for this. Thanks so much, Jenny for all of your beautiful freebies. If you love angels, click on Jenny's blog site at the right.

Friday, September 21, 2007

A Beautiful Quote

I love this quote because it's so true. Sometimes we all have little empty places in our hearts and maybe we don't even realize it at the time, but then someone will say something and you find that's just what you needed to hear at the time to just make your heart feel full. There is a lesson to be learned here also, ( at least for me there is) .... You may be the person to SAY that something that SOMEONE ELSE needs to hear.
This page was made using CJS "Victorian Beauty" from cjs scrapbooking with attitude. It's such a beautiful kit and I thought it went perfectly with the quote.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Maternal Grandmother

This is my maternal grandmother, who died when my mother was 6 years old. It amazes me how much my younger sister looks like her. I did this page using a freebie kit called "Sage Green" by Sherry C's Creations. You can find this beautiful kit and much more, just click on Sherry C's link at the right.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Music Always Comes From The Heart

I created this page using a kit called "Vintage Love" from Tina's Creations. Tina has some beautiful "freebies" and can be found at cjsscrapbookingwith attitude. Just follow the link on the right side of my blog.

The Old Homestead

The picture is not mine, it was a freebie found on the web. The story however is just a sample of the "Ramblings Of An Old Lady". I hope you enjoy.

Ramblings From An Old Lady

I'm new to this blogging thing, but as I understand it, a blog is whatever you want it to be at any given time.
I know you all have heard about how the mind wanders more and more when you get older...well, believe me, it's true! Today my mind is wandering all over the place and just when I catch up with it, I find it's moving on to something else. LOL
You know, several years ago, I probably couldn't have put my thoughts into words on paper, or type as it happens to be here. But God works in mysterious ways... I had a stroke a little over 5 years ago which left me sometimes unable to make what's in my mind come out in words. Believe me I used to be quite a talker, lol. I figure this is probably God's way of saying "Jude, you need to be quite and listen for a while." Amazingly, He let me keep my memories and also gave me the ability to put my thoughts on paper. I've developed a love of journaling. I love writing about my pictures, somehow seeing my memories in print seems to make them all the more special. And I find that I can now write what I could never have put into words from my mouth. So from time to time you may see some of that come out in my passion for digital scrapping. I hope you enjoy the ramblings of an old lady and please feel free to leave comments right underneath each post.

Monday, September 17, 2007

C.J. -Our Sweet Granddaughter

This is one of my favorite pictures of CJ. It's hard to believe she will be "Sweet Sixteen" in only a couple of months. CJ (short for Candace Jasmine) is our special gift from God. When she was born she was in neonatal intensive care for almost two weeks. It was a really tough time for us because we had just lost her infant brother, Jordan, 2 years before. Of course all our grandchildren are special to us, it's just that, for a while, we weren't sure we would get to bring CJ home.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Our Beautiful Redhead

A scrapbook page using a picture of my mom that my daddy carried in his wallet for years. The picture was taken in the 1960's so that...