Friday, November 30, 2012

Such A Big Heart

This is Cory. You all may remember him from pages I did when he was younger. Those of you who have FaceBook pages have seen him recently. I made this page because I didn't want to post it on FB because I think he doesn't want to make a big deal of it, but me, being the proud Mamaw, thinks it deserves recognition.
Last week, several of the school clubs met and decided that they would adopt an angel from the Salvation Army angel tree. A teacher went and picked the angel info from the trees and the clubs met and chose their angel. Now, the clubs are going to use their fund raiser monies to buy gifts for their chosen angel. After all the clubs has chosen their angel, one little 3 yr. old angel was left over. Cory went to his homeroom teacher and asked if it would be ok if he took the angel himself. Teacher said yes, if you're sure you want to take on that responsibility. Cory assured her that he was. This big hearted 17 yr. old guy spent his own money, to the tune of $170 to buy presents. Gifts included several outfits, shoes, socks, winter coat, gloves, and 5 toys. When he took the gifts to school yesterday to get them ready to wrap up, his teacher cried. Needless to say, his parents and Papaw and I have cried several times when we think of him doing this. We are so very proud of this young man, who is a senior this year and holds down a part time job sometimes putting in nearly 40 hours a week, while maintaining a A and B average in all subjects. Thanks for reading all this, I just think he is sooo AWESOME!

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