Thursday, August 21, 2008

Y'all are on your own

for a few days. Miss Vidalia has never been camping before so we are taking the camper out to the lake for a few days. Can you believe she's 56 years old and never been camping? (oops did I tell her age??lol) Anyway, she has her heart set on seeing a bear and some deer. I'm ok with the deer but the bear I can do without! We have seen some before near the campground but I don't care to re-live that experience.

Miss Gerri, you are in charge of the girls while we are away. Linda...YOU are in charge of all the makings for the juleps.!! Please make sure that Gerri plays nice and shares. On second thought, maybe I should leave Carol and Judy in charge of GERRI. LOL.
Will be back in a few days, in the meantime, just continue to make yourselves at home on the veranda.

Love and hugs to all,
Miss Scarlett

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Sandra

Wishing a very happy birthday to such a lovely lady and a dear friend. May all your wishes and dreams come true!

Kit is "Aqua" by BelVidotti Scraps

Newest Southern Bell on the veranda is:

Yep, pronounced exactly like the onion, VIDALIA. lol Miss Gerri suggested that if little sis is going to be a regular on the veranda, she needs a more southern name. Sis thought and thought and finally saw a bag of onions I had just bought at the grocery store and said "Vidalia" that's my name. Ya gotta admit, it's pretty southern. I've also warned her that Miss Gerri hears voices and it's hard to tell what she may be turned in to. LOL

(Gerri, I've extracted her to make it easier for you, but please don't tell on me.)

Kit is called "Pansies" by ShmooAngel

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ashton's Smile

OK, I know the old wives tale that newborns don't really smile, it's just gas but......don't even try to tell me that this is not a real smile. lol Prayers are answered. Ashton came home yesterday, weighing in at a whopping 4 pounds 10 ounces! No feeding tube, he takes a real premie bottle now. This picture was taken earlier last week while still in the hospital but he's home now and only has a heart monitor "just in case", but he seems to be doing so well. We are all so thankful to God for this tiny little blessing.

Background and bow are from CJS "Patience for Katlin" and the frame is from CJS "Gold n Blue". Ashton is a gift from GOD!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sending Kisses

I took this pic of my sister today so she could e-mail it to her grandsons in California. She is blowing kisses to Seth and Sammy. My Sissy is not very computer savey "yet", but I think I can fix that in short order. She's really interested. Friends, meet my "baby sister", Betty.

Kit is from Suhrfer's Scraps and is called "Pastel Bouquet".

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Find Comfort

The pastor at Mom's funeral read this at the end of the service and made a copy of it for me. I find such comfort in it's message because it speaks of calmly joining our Saviour in Heaven. Mom was definately ready and she passed so peacefully in her sleep. I miss her terribly, of course, and I'm certain that I always will, but it would be so selfish of me to want her to stay in the condition she was in. Anyway, I just feel so comforted when I read this and wanted to share it. If you click on the page, it will enlarge, for easier reading.

I'm sorry I can't give credit to the writer because it was not on the copy that the pastor gave me. The kit is "Wild Rose" by swheatcreations.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Into The Mystic

One of my favorite songs by Van Morrison comes to mind when I see the fog roll in over the very cool water of this little lake. Our favorite campground is located by it's edge and in late evening when the sun goes behind the mountain, a slow gentle fog begins to roll into the campground. That's when you know it's time to start the campfire! lol. This is such a beautiful spot that God created for our enjoyment and I thank Him so much for it.

Background and Overlay are both from CJS, can't remember which kit the background is from. Sorry, Carol.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

True Friends

God has truly blessed me with the most wonderful group of friends that a person could ever have. A lot of friends will share your joy with you, but it takes a really special friend to share your pain, your sorrow and continue to pray for you in your time of need. That is what you all have done and I really feel that this has helped me get through this most difficult time in my life. When I returned home, yesterday and saw all the comments filled with love and concern from you all, I was overcome with emotion. You knew that I probably wouldn't see any of these comments until I got back home, yet you faithfully came day after day. I can't ever thank you enough or tell you in words how very much this means to me. I feel that you are all extended members of my family as well as true friends. I have found, in you ladies, that "friends are made in your heart", not necessarily "in person" and I love you all dearly.

Kit is CJS "Blue and Gold".

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