Saturday, January 26, 2008

Angel Dust

I've always called CJ our "Angel" granddaughter, not because she is the "favorite" granddaughter, but if you have read any of my previous posts about her, you'll know that we almost lost her at birth. This pic was taken when she was 3 years old. Hard to believe that was 13 years ago!
I refuse to tell you how long and hard I worked at extracting this picture, lol, and it's not nearly as good an extraction as Miss Judy has been doing. She's become quite the "extraction queen" and I'm so jealous 'cause I just can't seem to get the hang of it. LOL
Anyway, this is, again, Carol's "Elegance" kit from cjsscrapbookingwithattitude. Seems like we are all loving this kit Miss Carol. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Couldn't wait

to use this kit. It is so fabulous! So I just chose a pic that was dear to me and made a page. It's dear hubby, CJ and me, taken a couple of years ago. I think Miss Carol has outdone herself with this "Elegance" kit !!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Time for ANOTHER prom dress???

This is Tiffani, our 14 year old granddaughter, in yet another rare "girly" moment. However, it seems that these "girly" moments come around much more often now days and it's a scary thought for a Mamaw. Y'all know what I'm talking about....grandchildren growing up is even harder than when their parents grew up...empty nest syndrome all over again. lol
Honestly, it doesn't seem like that long since she just bought a dress for last year's prom. She was in the seventh grade but was invited by an eighth grade boy to the eighth grade prom. Now, she's in the eighth grade and needs yet another dress. LOL I have no idea how many dresses she tried on before deciding that this was the one she just couldn't live without.

I know that expression on her face only too well...I've seen it a million times when our kids were growing up and a million more since I became a grandmother. The look that says...."don't look at the price tag, look at how badly I really, really want this". LOL

Kit is Carol's "Grungy Valentine". You can find it at cjsscrapbookingwithattitude.

Update on Dad and Mom

I want to thank each of you for being such true friends. All the e-mails and prayers and show of concern have meant so much to me.
Dad's Parkinson's Disease is a little more under control since they changed his medicine. He still has Hospice nurses who come to check on him and they are getting him a "First Alert" button to wear since he is now home alone. He calls it his "help I've fallen button". lol He seems to be doing much better now that he doesn't feel that he has the responsibility of caring for Mom. Even though Hospice nurses visited daily, they weren't there 24 hours a day.

Mom seems to be adjusting to the assisted living home pretty well. It's only about 7 blocks from Mom and Dad's home, so Dad can visit her really often. (yes, he still drives at 92 years old..sigh)She keeps assuring me how nice the people are and how clean everything is. Still, there are days when I call her that she insists that I just left from visiting her. Yesterday she asked if I had seen Daddy today, when I said "No Mom, it's been a while since I've actually seen Daddy", she said "Well don't you think you should run over and see about him?" She forgets that I don't live there anymore. It's times like this that break my heart and I usually end up crying for hours after talking to her. But, then, she has her good days when she understands everything and sounds perfectly content.

I am the one who seem to be having the hardest time dealing with all this. So again I thank you all for being here for me and listening to me and just being the the great friends that you are. I love you all dearly.

Friday, January 11, 2008

It's not what you look at, as much as...

what you see when you look. Ever notice how people can look at the same thing and see something completely different? I thought the sky was breathtakingly dear husband thought "we're gonna get a storm." These were what appeared to be threatening storm clouds late one afternoon. I took several pictures from our yard as the clouds moved in very quickly and the blue, pink and yellow colors were replaced by very dark shades of gray. Then almost as quickly as they came up, they went away. We didn't even get a sprinkle of rain from them.
This is Jen's "Thingy Gone Purple" kit.

Friday, January 4, 2008

This beautiful sunset in late November

was captured by my sweet husband. On this day I had a really bad sinus headache and had taken medication and gone to lay down for a bit. Apparently the medicine worked because I woke up after a 2 hour nap. Now my dear husband knows how I love taking pictures and I'm always looking for the ultimate shot...aren't we all, lol? He said he had taken a picture for me that I might like. He had noticed, just glancing out the window, that everything looked pink. So he got my camera from my purse (where I nearly always keep it) and stepped out onto the front porch and snapped this incredible sunset for me. Wasn't that sweet?
I hadn't done anything with it before because I wasn't quite sure what I wanted. So today, I've been playing around in PSE5 and made a couple of "background papers", (well, they're nothing to brag about, just picked colors from the pic and texturized them) but I was kinda happy with them. Then I extracted the image of Christ from a pic I found on the web, added a fitting scripture and this is the result.
I try to always give credits so, lol:
Photo by Gary Hill; image of Christ found free on the web, and scripture from KJV Bible.

Oh, yes....I almost

How could I forget the same Christmas that Santa brought me the "Boy in the tuxedo doll", he also brought me a real live doll, in the form of a baby sister. She was born a month before Christmas and I just adored her. (still do). I wish I could do a better job of clearing up this picture, but it's the best that I could do considering the fact that an old fashioned "box type" Kodak with a flash bulb was the only photographic equipment that Mom and Dad owned. Still, despite it's flaws, I treasure this picture so much.
The kit is "Rustic Illusions" by Carol at cjsscrapbookingwithattitude. I love this kit, Carol. Thanks for sharing.

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