Friday, January 4, 2008

This beautiful sunset in late November

was captured by my sweet husband. On this day I had a really bad sinus headache and had taken medication and gone to lay down for a bit. Apparently the medicine worked because I woke up after a 2 hour nap. Now my dear husband knows how I love taking pictures and I'm always looking for the ultimate shot...aren't we all, lol? He said he had taken a picture for me that I might like. He had noticed, just glancing out the window, that everything looked pink. So he got my camera from my purse (where I nearly always keep it) and stepped out onto the front porch and snapped this incredible sunset for me. Wasn't that sweet?
I hadn't done anything with it before because I wasn't quite sure what I wanted. So today, I've been playing around in PSE5 and made a couple of "background papers", (well, they're nothing to brag about, just picked colors from the pic and texturized them) but I was kinda happy with them. Then I extracted the image of Christ from a pic I found on the web, added a fitting scripture and this is the result.
I try to always give credits so, lol:
Photo by Gary Hill; image of Christ found free on the web, and scripture from KJV Bible.

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