Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is it just me or

has anyone else ever had those days when you want to be creative and just can't seem to get going? I'm going through a series of "those days" lately. I sit down to scrap something and a million ideas run through my mind, (all at the same time, unfortunately) and I end up with nothing! I have a gazillion lovely scrap kits and two gazillion pics but sometimes I just can't seem to make them connect. I look at all the pages that you all have done and I think, "wow, I have some really talented friends who seem to be able to take everything and make something so beautiful from it."

Maybe it's just the stress from what's been going on with my parents lately. Or maybe it's the fact that I have prayed for God to just take this stress away and He's perfectly willing to do it.....but I always seem to forget to let go. How can I expect Him to handle a situation when I'm always trying to help. He doesn't need my help and I know that perfectly well. I now know where that saying came from...you know, the one that says "Let go and let God". I guess it's just human nature, if you know something isn't right then you're suppose to try to fix it even though it's totally out of your control and if you can't fix it then you worry about it and that solves absolutely nothing.

The doctors have changed Mom's medicine for her dementia. Last week they tried one and it had the exact opposite effect than what they were hoping for. Let's just say it involved a lot of noise, a tv remote and the window in her room. The owners of the assisted living home said if they can't get her medication adjusted, they won't be able to keep her there. So the social worker called me and said they were trying a different medicine and if it doesn't work then she will have to go to a nursing home with an Alzheimer's Unit. It breaks my heart to think of that but I understand their position. This is, after all, an ASSISTED living home. So, she's been on the new medication for about 6 days now, and I continue to call her every day, but I find myself sometimes dreading the call because I don't know what I'll hear on the other end of the line. It seems to vary from crying one day, mumbling words that make no sense the next day, to a day like today...when I called she was in such a good mood and carried on a fairly good conversation with just a few off-the-wall sentences in between.

On a brighter note, Dad seems to be doing quite well. The hospice nurses continue to visit him at home and make sure he's eating well and taking his medication. He visits Mom twice daily and takes her little treats, even though sometimes she doesn't know he's been there. I call him every night at exactly 9pm (my time) because Wheel of Fortune goes off at that time and you simply don't interrupt Daddy when he's watching that. lol Anyway, he knows it's me when his phone rings at that time and he always answers with "Hello, JudyBug". My grandsons get a kick out of knowing that "Great-Grandpa" calls THEIR MAMAW "JudyBug". To my Dad, no matter how old I am, that's what I'll always be.

Well, I guess I've wasted enough of your time with my rambling, so maybe I'll go try to scrap something again. Thanks for being the great friends you are and for putting up with me. I love you all dearly.


Linda said...

I know what you mean about the "Let go--Let God" thing. There are times when I let go 90% and for some reason hold on to the other 10% trying to fix it myself! Doesn't work, but I do it anyway. It is human nature to try and fix what is broken, I think God knows that about us, that's why he's patient with us..we just have to learn to be patient with Him.

Linda said...

As for the scrapping, a page will come to you, I know you can do it I have seen your beautiful pages!
If I get stuck, I actually look thru a reg scrapbook magazine and get lots of ideas on how to put things together. Believe me I get stuck!!! LOL
Love you my friend, prayers, love and hugs always!!!

Gerrisscrapblog said...

Miss Jude, I know the feeling of not quite letting it all in God's hands. But as Linda says "We are only human". We say" Ok God, it's in your hands now" but then in the back of our minds we think "Well, when are you going to take over God". I know that's what"s been going on with me this week.

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