Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve at Mamaw and Papaw's

Me and Gary with Ashton on Christmas Eve at our house. I have no idea how many pictures were taken of this precious little one...I think everyone there had their camera ready. Oh yes, I have many more of him, will post a little later.

This is a fabulous QP made by Linda (scrapswithoutscraps) one of CJS Creation's creative team members. Thanks for the beautiful layout, Linda using CJS "Christmas Kit". Check the blinkie on the right for more fabulous freebies.

What a Wonderful Present

This of course was Ashton's first Christmas and I think it was more fun for everyone else in our family than it was for him. However, when his Daddy put him in the gift bag, he was perfectly fine with being in there. He seemed to know that everyone thought it was a really big deal that he was the star of the show and the best present that any of us received. God has truly blessed us with this little one.

Kit is CJS Creations "Christmas Kit".

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I stopped by to visit Miss Gerri tonight, but when I saw the sign on her door, I quietly tip-toed away. Didn't want to disrupt "Her Creative Highness" while she was working.

Kit is from lots of different CJS creations kits. I didn't think Miss Carol would mind, since she's the one responsible for this. LOL

Ashton's First Christmas Play

Our grandson, TJ and his wife Amber live in a different town (not too far) from us but it is only a few miles from the North Carolina state line, so the church they attend is Elk Park First Baptist in Elk Park, NC. Anyway, they had their Christmas play last Sunday morning and Ashton played the part of Baby Jesus. We couldn't attend because we are in the choir at our church and we were doing our Christmas Cantata at the same time. But, thanks to our daughter, we got pictures. I know the close up picture is not very clear but I just had to trim and re-size so that you could see his little head and foot sticking up in the manger. You know how we grandma's are...trim, re-size, adjust color, etc, you do what ya gotta do to show those grandchildren off! lol . (in this case, great-grandchild). All of you who are close friends know how blessed we are to have Ashton and we will be forever grateful for all the prayers that you all sent up for him and our whole family.

The kit is CJS "Winter Blue".

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ramblings from a Lysol Queen

I feel sure that I could do a Lysol commercial right about now, if I felt up to it. You know what I'm talking about Linda. So far my germs haven't spread to anyone else in the family but I went to church Sunday because the grand kids were in the Christmas program...ya gotta attend those things! Did a lot of hugging and shaking of hands and also had choir practice after church for the Cantata which is coming up Sunday. Hope I won't be singing a combination of alto-tenor-soprano! Choir director says, don't worry...God will appreciate me making my "joyful noise". lol

Weather here has been crazy, we've gone from 14 degrees some nights to 62 degrees during some of the last few days. Today it's raining...again!!!. Doesn't put me in much of a Christmas mood as far as decorating goes. That combined with mom's passing and Dad's problems going on right now, my head and chest cold that keeps hanging on...I just don't feel in the decorating mood. Don't misunderstand...I will certainly be celebrating the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. The kids will still get presents, there will still be a huge Christmas dinner at our house, just without the tree. I think this is the first Christmas I can remember when I haven't put up a tree with all the decorations. All the kids and grand kids are old enough to understand and they all have their own trees at their homes. Mamaw is just feeling a tad bit depressed right now...but hey, there's still another week to go..who knows??
One thing is certain, there will be plenty of love to go around and wonderful memories will still be made.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

CJ's Quilt

One of my other favorite hobbies, besides, digi scrapping, is quilting. This is a picture of one that I made for our granddaughter, CJ, a couple of years ago. I used several of my favorite pictures of her and put a verse in the middle square that says "I asked God for a flower, He gave me a garden; I asked God for a tree, He gave me a forrest; I asked God for an angel, He gave me a granddaughter." She was so thrilled with it and will not let anyone touch it. I hope it will bring her precious memories long after I'm gone.

The kit is Magical Sherbert Holiday from CJS. The frames were freebies, but don't remember where I found them.

Our Beautiful Redhead

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