Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ashton's First Christmas Play

Our grandson, TJ and his wife Amber live in a different town (not too far) from us but it is only a few miles from the North Carolina state line, so the church they attend is Elk Park First Baptist in Elk Park, NC. Anyway, they had their Christmas play last Sunday morning and Ashton played the part of Baby Jesus. We couldn't attend because we are in the choir at our church and we were doing our Christmas Cantata at the same time. But, thanks to our daughter, we got pictures. I know the close up picture is not very clear but I just had to trim and re-size so that you could see his little head and foot sticking up in the manger. You know how we grandma's are...trim, re-size, adjust color, etc, you do what ya gotta do to show those grandchildren off! lol . (in this case, great-grandchild). All of you who are close friends know how blessed we are to have Ashton and we will be forever grateful for all the prayers that you all sent up for him and our whole family.

The kit is CJS "Winter Blue".

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