Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Has Sprung in TN

Oh, my!! I am a very bad blogger...and friend. I haven't been blogging since winter. Truth be told, I was dreading changing my background and header. I don't find that fun at all. Still don't have the header. I can't seem to get it just right. Miss Boots..?? maybe when you find a spare minute you could help me out...pretty please.

There's been so much going on here with Rhett being sick, trying to keep up with a very active and independent 2 year old, and my Mamaw Sally passed away last week at the age of 102. She would have celebrated her 103rd birthday in May. I am going to post a video that my cousin did of her on her 100th birthday. No one knew he did it until last week. We are all so thankful to him for doing it and keeping it a secret until just the right time that we needed to hear it. Bless her heart, she has lived in Ohio since I was a little girl but she never lost her southern dialect. She is actually my step grandmother, but she is the only one I ever had and she never used the 'step' word.

Ok..can't blame my lack of blogging on Rhett and Gage seems there's this thing called Facebook...boy, it can sure use up your time before you realize it!! LOL. I guess now that I've got my background changed, I should probably go and get rid of the Christmas music. Will be back soon...
HUGS to all,
Miss Scarlett

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