Monday, March 21, 2011

It'a been an up and down week

Gage had his first birthday party a week ago on Saturday. It's so hard to believe he's a year old already and he looks so cute walking all over the place on those little short legs. Once he found out he could take a few steps, he was all finished with he's trying his best to It was such a fun time for all and believe me, I have many more pics, just can't feel like scrapping right now. That was Saturday, the 12th. ....3 days later we got the news that a 15 year old boy who goes to our church had meningitis..that was on Tuesday. He passed into God's loving arms the next day, Wednesday. Such a good Christan boy, was not afraid or ashamed to share his faith with everyone he came in contact with. Our whole community has had such a hard week. On the one hand, we know that Adam was ready to meet his Saviour...on the other hand, it's so hard to let go of a child. The celebration of his life was last night at our church, today was the burial service and the youth group sent balloons into the air at the cemetery. It was heartbreaking. But we know that God has a plan for every life and because of Adams death, 40 people gave their lives to Christ this week. What an impact this little child had on others. Only 15 years old, the same age as our Cory (Gage's older brother). It's amazing how all the youth in the community gathered in support of each other. There are 5 high schools here and they all came together during this time.
I can't imagine what his parents are going through right now..this week we've been holding our children and grandchildren just a little bit tighter..bigger hugs..more kisses..and praising God that we have the chance to do it.

Didn't mean for this to be such a downer of a post..just remember to let your loved ones know you love them at every opportunity and as Miss Boots always reminds..make those memories and fill them to the brim..maybe even let them overflow.

Love and hugs to y'all. Hope to get myself back together and join y'all soon.

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