Friday, October 31, 2008

Maxine: ya gotta love her

Just some fun. I love Maxine....she is soooo like me in some respects! LOL

The kit is "Fall Splendor colab" kit by CJS.

I did this one last week

for a challenge on Flair. I love Miss Carol's overlay and thought it just looked so pretty on this light blue background. Not that I'm tooting my own horn...not at all, I just really love this overlay. Challenge was "something you can't live without" and my bible certainly fits that category. I brought my Mom's bible home with me when I came back from my last trip. It is so comforting to read the passages that she has underlined and the notations that she made in the margins. To see how her handwriting changed from the beautiful script style she had before her stroke to the squiggly writing in her later days. OK, getting a little teary here so I just hope you enjoy the page with Miss Carol's beautiful overlay.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ashton and Friend

Just an update on our "Little Answered Prayer". Ashton is almost up to 10 pounds now, which doesn't sound like a lot but it has been so wonderful seeing him grow from a little over 2 pounds to the alert little bundle of joy that he is now. Up until now we've only had digital pics of him that we all have taken, but this is his first "studio portrait", lol. We praise God for him every day. Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers for him.

Kit is "Teddy Bear Picnic" by Suhrfers Scraps.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A wonderful compliment

I received this award from my dear friend, Linda (scrapswithoutscraps). What a sweet compliment this is, to know that you can make someone smile. If you haven't visited her blog you are missing a true blessing. Her blog is filled with life, love and encouragement for all who visit. She is such a special lady and I'm blessed to be her friend. Click on her blinkie on the right and I guarantee you will become a regular fan.

Thank you dear lady for this award and the treasure of your friendship.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Don't Even Ask !!

I have absolutely no idea why my parents (probably Mom) took a picture of my little sis and me in the bathroom. Judging from my "pose" I assume it must have been a planned picture. (gee, I sure hope that lid was down, lol). This is only one of many pictures that I found in a box in Mom's closet. Funny how things come back to you after all these years...I remember this bathroom in the house where we lived in Detroit...the big deep tub, that I used to fill up and pretend it was a pool..the curtains were blue with a dutch boy and girl pattern and they were made of plastic...and the radiator in each room that never put out enough steam to keep you warm, but was always making a clanging noise from the basement. I'm guessing that the journaling on the page was what Mom had in mind. LOL

Thanks for letting me share this memory with you all.

Kit is "Goodbye Summer" from CJS and the frame is from "Frames and Bonus" also by CJS.

Our Beautiful Redhead

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