Thursday, October 2, 2008

Don't Even Ask !!

I have absolutely no idea why my parents (probably Mom) took a picture of my little sis and me in the bathroom. Judging from my "pose" I assume it must have been a planned picture. (gee, I sure hope that lid was down, lol). This is only one of many pictures that I found in a box in Mom's closet. Funny how things come back to you after all these years...I remember this bathroom in the house where we lived in Detroit...the big deep tub, that I used to fill up and pretend it was a pool..the curtains were blue with a dutch boy and girl pattern and they were made of plastic...and the radiator in each room that never put out enough steam to keep you warm, but was always making a clanging noise from the basement. I'm guessing that the journaling on the page was what Mom had in mind. LOL

Thanks for letting me share this memory with you all.

Kit is "Goodbye Summer" from CJS and the frame is from "Frames and Bonus" also by CJS.

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