Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Merry Christmas from a much younger Jude !

Oh how this picture takes me back in time! I remember so clearly getting this boy doll for Christmas when I was 5 years old. He was all dressed up in a tuxedo and top hat and I thought he was a very special Christmas present, cause I'd never seen a boy doll before. Now days, kids would probably think he was a pretty silly doll, but I remember "way back then" Mom and Dad would take me to the movies and I remember Fred Astaire in a movie dressed in a top hat and tuxedo dancing with Ginger Rogers, so he was a pretty special doll to me. We still lived in Detroit at this time, it's where my sister and I were both born. In Michigan, Christmas was always white. I think that's where I learned to love the snow so much. My mom still tells me the story of the night I was born, when Dad tried to get her to the hospital in a January snow storm, the car wouldn't go because the snow was so deep and the police ended up taking them to the hospital following a snow plow clearing the way.
This kit is "Under the Covers" and was a gift from a very special friend! Thank you so much, I'm happy to use it for a picture that means so much to me.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tiffani On A "Little Lady" Day

So here's our little "Funny Face" on a rare "Little Lady" day. This pic was taken on the day of the Junior High Prom last year. I think she looks every bit the lady in this pic but if you look really close you'll see the hint of mischief in her eyes. lol We love you, "Funny Face".

This kit is "Carol" by cjsscrapbookingwithattitude.

Miss Funny Face

This is our 14 year old granddaughter, Tiffani, on her birthday a few weeks ago. She's our clown, dancer, gymnast, cheerleader, and she can go from tomboy to little lady in a matter of minutes. (although in this page you will see no signs of the little lady, she was too busy being funny at her party. LOL
Kit is "Autumn Memories from 2mrssumnersdesigns.bravehost.com

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pass the Wassail Please

How could I not feel better? I've got wonderful friends who come to my blog bearing gifts of love, hugs and wassail. (I love a good steaming cup of wassail, thanks Gerri) .

Well, I spent the better part of 3 hours at the doctor's office this morning (kinda makes me glad I don't work there anymore) only to find out that I have chronic bronchitis and I'll be on antibiotics for the next 3 weeks, plus an inhaler and cough medicine. This is not good since we are doing the Christmas Cantata at church this Sunday morning. We had practice tonight....I'm singing sopran-alto ! LOL Hopefully, the rest of the choir will cover me up...or maybe I could just lip sync. lol Anyway, I'm praying I'll have some sort of normal voice by Sunday.

This is not a real good time to be sick since I still don't have our tree up and haven't done even the first bit of shopping. Can we say "gift cards all around"? Oh, I almost forgot, when I got back from the doctor this morning, Gary says, "Honey, I've got a problem." (Great, I'm thinking.. he has a problem. Does he have any idea what 3 weeks worth of antibiotics can do to a female.) "What's the problem, sweetie?" He replies, "You know that tooth that I broke a couple of weeks ago?" Yeah, the one I told him to go to the dentist about when it happened. "Well, it's really hurting, could you call the dentist for me?" He's been sitting here all morning, tooth hurting, and he waits for me to get back from the doctor so I can call his dentist....Ever so nicely, I reply, "Of course, sweetheart...that's what secretaries are for." Could someone please pass the wassail???

Monday, December 10, 2007

This child never ceases to amaze me!

Another page of CJ that I'm including in the DVD I'm making for her. I've just got to tell you what she told me after church last night. She gathered up her bible and jacket off the pew beside me and then put her arms around me and said "Mamaw, I want to do something good to change the world someday." and I said, "Baby, you've already changed my world for the good and I feel sure that you can do anything that you put your mind to." I am so very proud of this child, who at the tender age of 16 is so focused on the needs of others. She got off to a rough start when she was born but God let her survive and I feel certain that it's because He has a plan for her life.

The kit used for this page is "Brownie" by Kleopatra at kleopatra-scrap.de

Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Poor Aching Head

Hi my friends. It's after midnight and I have just now got to log onto the computer to play. It's a long story...today I got a notice that my antivirus and firewall subscription was due to be renewed. Ok, that's another $70 or more. Then I find out that my cable Internet connection offers this as a free service for their high speed Internet subscribers. WONDERFUL!! All I have to do is download their software and I have guaranteed FULL protection. SIMPLE.....NOT!! I first have to uninstall my present antivirus and firewall software, ok, that shouldn't be too hard. Done. Now download cable "stuff". Done. Pop up tells me it's unable to full install. Call tech support, ask for someone who speaks fluent English, get instructions and new activation key, but first I have to UNINSTALL the cable "stuff" reboot and start all over with their download. OK ....done.
Another popup "unable to fully install". Call tech support again...got a nice lady with a TN accent. lol She tells me problem seems to be Yahoo toolbar.. UNINSTALL cable stuff, get rid of Yahoo toolbar, reboot and start all over... IT'S WORKING!! Finally!! But, man, my head is killing me cause I'm just not the most computer savvy person in the world. LOL If I wake up in the morning and this thing has a problem, someone is going to be in big trouble!!! lol Pray for me and my poor little computer. You may want to pray for tech support people also. LOL
Leaving love and hugs here for you all.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Santa's Lap ???

Even though he was only 6 months old at the time...Cory looks like he's pretty sure that Mamaw is a bit confused as to the difference in Santa and a Snowman. lol I look back on these pictures and I do so miss the times when the grandchildren were little. They've grown into such wonderful "big" kids now and I love them more with each passing year, but I'm so glad that I have memories like these to reflect back on from time to time.
Kit is "Christmas Sampler" by Jen at jennyscrapsforyou.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Papaw"s Girl

I've been playing around with different pictures of CJ to put on the DVD I'm making for her. This picture was taken the day we got to bring her home after she was in Neonatal Intensive Care for almost 2 weeks. She was our special Christmas Blessing that year and she continues to be year after year.
This is Carol's "Just About Anyone or Anything" kit and it's available at CJS scrapbookingwithattitude. Thanks, Carol.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

She's Sweet Sixteen!

This is CJ ( Candace Jasmine) , one of our granddaughters. She has been the subject of of lot of my pages. This is the child who we weren't sure would live at birth. Our son and daughter-in-law had lost a baby boy three days after his birth just a year and a half before. CJ was their one last attempt at having a child. Well, God saw fit to bless us with this beautiful, loving, giving granddaughter and we continue to thank Him and praise Him for her. She attends a private Christian school, where she is a straight A student and will graduate in May at the age of "Sweet Sixteen".

This is the picture that I've been waiting for. For over a month now, CJ has been talking about her "Sweet Sixteen" dress and her party. All the things a girl of sixteen dreams of, but not once has she mentioned a present. When we asked her what she wanted, her standard answer was "I don't want anything, there's nothing I can think of right now." In fact, when she sent out invitations to her party, she included the line "in lieu of gifts, please bring an unopened toy for Toys for Tots." This child just melts my heart.

The kit used is "A Touch of Pink" by 2mrssumnersdesigns@bravehost.com

Our Beautiful Redhead

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