Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Merry Christmas from a much younger Jude !

Oh how this picture takes me back in time! I remember so clearly getting this boy doll for Christmas when I was 5 years old. He was all dressed up in a tuxedo and top hat and I thought he was a very special Christmas present, cause I'd never seen a boy doll before. Now days, kids would probably think he was a pretty silly doll, but I remember "way back then" Mom and Dad would take me to the movies and I remember Fred Astaire in a movie dressed in a top hat and tuxedo dancing with Ginger Rogers, so he was a pretty special doll to me. We still lived in Detroit at this time, it's where my sister and I were both born. In Michigan, Christmas was always white. I think that's where I learned to love the snow so much. My mom still tells me the story of the night I was born, when Dad tried to get her to the hospital in a January snow storm, the car wouldn't go because the snow was so deep and the police ended up taking them to the hospital following a snow plow clearing the way.
This kit is "Under the Covers" and was a gift from a very special friend! Thank you so much, I'm happy to use it for a picture that means so much to me.


Gerrisscrapblog said...

This is such a precious picture & a great memory for you. Us oldies sure had some great times back then, didn't we. I loved Fred & Ginger. These youngun's don't know what they missed.

Linda said...

Hey I'm only 2 years younger!! This is the kind of Christmas I remember. Funny, black and white photos and yet so full of life! Beautiful Jude. Hugs my friend

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