Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pass the Wassail Please

How could I not feel better? I've got wonderful friends who come to my blog bearing gifts of love, hugs and wassail. (I love a good steaming cup of wassail, thanks Gerri) .

Well, I spent the better part of 3 hours at the doctor's office this morning (kinda makes me glad I don't work there anymore) only to find out that I have chronic bronchitis and I'll be on antibiotics for the next 3 weeks, plus an inhaler and cough medicine. This is not good since we are doing the Christmas Cantata at church this Sunday morning. We had practice tonight....I'm singing sopran-alto ! LOL Hopefully, the rest of the choir will cover me up...or maybe I could just lip sync. lol Anyway, I'm praying I'll have some sort of normal voice by Sunday.

This is not a real good time to be sick since I still don't have our tree up and haven't done even the first bit of shopping. Can we say "gift cards all around"? Oh, I almost forgot, when I got back from the doctor this morning, Gary says, "Honey, I've got a problem." (Great, I'm thinking.. he has a problem. Does he have any idea what 3 weeks worth of antibiotics can do to a female.) "What's the problem, sweetie?" He replies, "You know that tooth that I broke a couple of weeks ago?" Yeah, the one I told him to go to the dentist about when it happened. "Well, it's really hurting, could you call the dentist for me?" He's been sitting here all morning, tooth hurting, and he waits for me to get back from the doctor so I can call his dentist....Ever so nicely, I reply, "Of course, sweetheart...that's what secretaries are for." Could someone please pass the wassail???

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Gerrisscrapblog said...

Get the pliers out & tell Gary that you will take care of that tooth for him.
Sorry, you have been feeling so bad, Jude. This is a bad time of year to get yourself down. Especially if your husband is anything like mine. (No help) Can't seem to see anything that needs to be done. Can't seem to understand why I bother to decorate
since there's only the two of us here. Doesn't know why I bother knocking myself out baking different kinds of cookies & candy(but he sure does eat them). Men just don't get it.

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