Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Poor Aching Head

Hi my friends. It's after midnight and I have just now got to log onto the computer to play. It's a long I got a notice that my antivirus and firewall subscription was due to be renewed. Ok, that's another $70 or more. Then I find out that my cable Internet connection offers this as a free service for their high speed Internet subscribers. WONDERFUL!! All I have to do is download their software and I have guaranteed FULL protection. SIMPLE.....NOT!! I first have to uninstall my present antivirus and firewall software, ok, that shouldn't be too hard. Done. Now download cable "stuff". Done. Pop up tells me it's unable to full install. Call tech support, ask for someone who speaks fluent English, get instructions and new activation key, but first I have to UNINSTALL the cable "stuff" reboot and start all over with their download. OK ....done.
Another popup "unable to fully install". Call tech support a nice lady with a TN accent. lol She tells me problem seems to be Yahoo toolbar.. UNINSTALL cable stuff, get rid of Yahoo toolbar, reboot and start all over... IT'S WORKING!! Finally!! But, man, my head is killing me cause I'm just not the most computer savvy person in the world. LOL If I wake up in the morning and this thing has a problem, someone is going to be in big trouble!!! lol Pray for me and my poor little computer. You may want to pray for tech support people also. LOL
Leaving love and hugs here for you all.

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