Saturday, December 1, 2007

She's Sweet Sixteen!

This is CJ ( Candace Jasmine) , one of our granddaughters. She has been the subject of of lot of my pages. This is the child who we weren't sure would live at birth. Our son and daughter-in-law had lost a baby boy three days after his birth just a year and a half before. CJ was their one last attempt at having a child. Well, God saw fit to bless us with this beautiful, loving, giving granddaughter and we continue to thank Him and praise Him for her. She attends a private Christian school, where she is a straight A student and will graduate in May at the age of "Sweet Sixteen".

This is the picture that I've been waiting for. For over a month now, CJ has been talking about her "Sweet Sixteen" dress and her party. All the things a girl of sixteen dreams of, but not once has she mentioned a present. When we asked her what she wanted, her standard answer was "I don't want anything, there's nothing I can think of right now." In fact, when she sent out invitations to her party, she included the line "in lieu of gifts, please bring an unopened toy for Toys for Tots." This child just melts my heart.

The kit used is "A Touch of Pink" by

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Gerrisscrapblog said...

What a beautiful young lady your granddaughter is both body & soul.
She must take after her grandmother.

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