Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Parlor Entertainment

Entertainment in the parlor tonight provided by Gage and after a couple of
juleps...he may sound pretty good. lol.  The first picture just amazes me.
He watches Papaw play and he tries so hard with the left hand to do the chords.
Now, I'm not real sure this is a real chord, but to Gage it is and right now that's
all that really matters. Second picture he is strumming and thrid picture, he asks
Mamaw, "did you like that?"  Yes, Gage...Mamaw thought it was beautiful!!!

Kit used is "Country Boys & Girls" by Blue Velvet designs.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Little Valentine

Today was Storytime at the library so Gage and I went and had a great time. After the story lady read the book and we did a marching around the room with out little instruments, we made valentines. Gage informed me right off that he was making a valentine for Papaw...Those two are like peas in a pod, bestest buddies. Mamaw on the other hand is the kisser of boo-boos, the cuddler when it's nap time, the one who drives the car and follows the directions (given by Gage). I realize our town is small, but this kid is only going to be three next month and I really believe he can give directions to anyplace in town that we need to go. After we left the library, I made a quick stop at Walgreens and Gage looked at all the stuffed animals in the valentine section, picked up a few, gave them hugs and put them back on the shelf. I was surprised, cause I fully expected to have to purchase one. The one thing he picked out and would NOT leave the store without buying was a 59cent pencil with a big heart 'un-racer' on top. I said why do you want a pencil and he said so he could draw stuff guessed it...Papaw! Oh, yeah, I did have to purchase two bags of M&M' for him and one for...well you know who!!  It's amazing, the love these two share for each other, makes my heart swell with pride!
The kit used here is by Kyra called "Falling in Love".

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Wow...I'm so glad I've gotten into the habit of leaving the Parlor door unlocked. Look what my 'fairy blog mother' did while I was gone this morning. Thank you so much, Miss Boots. You seem to know just the right time to 'pretty up' our blogs. I hope you sat down, put your feet up and enjoyed a toddy after all your hard work.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sorry I wasn't home...

Well, there is no pic to this has been brought to my attention that I have had company and have not been around..did I not expressly tell you that if I'm not around you are to help yourself to the toddies...that's the way we do it here in the south. Bring Miss Gerri with you, she knows how it's done! lol.

I knew it had been a long time since I've posted but I had no idea that it had been two months! Guess I owe you all an apology..I could give all kinds of excuses, and most of them would be true..I've had the flu, ran a temp of 103 for several days, now Rhett has it. Kevin has changed shifts at work so Gage is here from 7am to 4pm. Not that he is any trouble, as long as I DVR Bubble Guppies every day. I have watched Polar Express until I have every word memorized. Also we have to watch the Grinch daily (not the cartoon Grinch, gotta be the real Jim Carey Grinch). Doesn't matter that Christmas has come and gone, these two movies play daily on my TV. Sick or not, you watch them.

So, in looking for something to post, I discover that my new external hard drive is scrap kits to be found. When my old external drive was acting up, I saved everything on CD's. Problem is, I can't seem to find the CD's right now. So I start looking through my "stuff". I find everything except what I'm looking for. I came across a DVD I did for Cory from birth to 12 yrs. old..he is now 17. So I spent and hour watching baby pics of him and crying my eyes out. He has grown up way too fast...graduating in just a few months. This brings to mind that I need to add pics to update his DVD. Then it dawns on me that I haven't even started one for Jay, who is now 15. How did I get so far behind?? So I spend another hour scrounging through old pics and then nostalgia sets in..looking at pics..stopping to bring old memories to mind...yes Miss Boots, my mind if filled to the brim and overflowing with memories.

Well, I did manage to restock toddy pull up a chair, make yourself a toddy...would you make me a double please!?!?!?

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