Monday, February 25, 2008

Sugar and Spice and Me...

Now which one of these sweet little two year olds actually went through the "terrible twos"? If you guessed all three of them you are CORRECT! I can't imagine me as a "terrible two", LOL, but I was. There is a story that goes with the picture of me. In the original 8x10 pic you can actually see tears in my eyes despite the big smile. Mom said that before they took me to have this picture made I had been to the doctor for my "booster" shots and when they sat me on the table to take my picture later, I started screaming bloody murder. Mom and Dad took me out for ice cream and came back to try again for the picture. Obviously the ice cream worked but I still had a few tears just waiting to come streaming out. CJ and Tiffi went through their share of terrible twos also, but at least we knew not to try to get a picture immediately following a doctor's visit. LOL.

This kit is "The Magic of Spring" by Marlies Kieninger at Lisa'sScrapBlog.

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