Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Update on Dad and Mom

I want to thank each of you for being such true friends. All the e-mails and prayers and show of concern have meant so much to me.
Dad's Parkinson's Disease is a little more under control since they changed his medicine. He still has Hospice nurses who come to check on him and they are getting him a "First Alert" button to wear since he is now home alone. He calls it his "help I've fallen button". lol He seems to be doing much better now that he doesn't feel that he has the responsibility of caring for Mom. Even though Hospice nurses visited daily, they weren't there 24 hours a day.

Mom seems to be adjusting to the assisted living home pretty well. It's only about 7 blocks from Mom and Dad's home, so Dad can visit her really often. (yes, he still drives at 92 years old..sigh)She keeps assuring me how nice the people are and how clean everything is. Still, there are days when I call her that she insists that I just left from visiting her. Yesterday she asked if I had seen Daddy today, when I said "No Mom, it's been a while since I've actually seen Daddy", she said "Well don't you think you should run over and see about him?" She forgets that I don't live there anymore. It's times like this that break my heart and I usually end up crying for hours after talking to her. But, then, she has her good days when she understands everything and sounds perfectly content.

I am the one who seem to be having the hardest time dealing with all this. So again I thank you all for being here for me and listening to me and just being the the great friends that you are. I love you all dearly.

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Gerrisscrapblog said...

Jude, please know that my thoughts & prayers are with you & your parents. I know how hard it must be to not live close by. I wish there was something I could do for you. The only thing I can offer is my prayers & an ear to listen. Sending my love.

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