Thursday, August 21, 2008

Y'all are on your own

for a few days. Miss Vidalia has never been camping before so we are taking the camper out to the lake for a few days. Can you believe she's 56 years old and never been camping? (oops did I tell her age??lol) Anyway, she has her heart set on seeing a bear and some deer. I'm ok with the deer but the bear I can do without! We have seen some before near the campground but I don't care to re-live that experience.

Miss Gerri, you are in charge of the girls while we are away. Linda...YOU are in charge of all the makings for the juleps.!! Please make sure that Gerri plays nice and shares. On second thought, maybe I should leave Carol and Judy in charge of GERRI. LOL.
Will be back in a few days, in the meantime, just continue to make yourselves at home on the veranda.

Love and hugs to all,
Miss Scarlett

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