Thursday, May 15, 2008

Much too soon they grow up...

It seems such a short time ago that this little bit of a girl was only a baby. When she was born she had to stay in neonatal intensive care for almost two weeks. I've told the story of "CJ" before, so I won't bore you with details. We just continue to praise God everyday that He has a purpose for her and, by His grace, we still have her. I will, however, being her grandmother, brag just a little. She is graduating from a private Christian high school next week, at the age of 16, with a 4.0 average! She has already been accepted to King College in NC and will start in the fall. I still think of her as our fragile "Little Bit" but she has proven, far beyond our dreams, to be so strong, both in mind and body. She has dedicated her life to God and we are so proud of her.

Kit is "That's Amore" by Cinzia.

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