Saturday, December 19, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For

Yep, be very careful what you wish for! You all know how much I love snow...well, we got it...LOTS of it! This pic was taken from the veranda last night when it had been snowing only about an hour. It's one of those wet, very heavy snows. You know, the kind when the power goes off. Thankfully, ours was only off for a few minutes at a time (several times). We called all the kids to check on them, all had power except our oldest son, Greg (who has CJ and baby Leiah living with them). But they are alright, they have gas fireplace and a generator. Youngest son, Kevin and his wife, Dawn (who is 3 months away from presenting us with another grandson) were both at work in Johnson City, only 7 miles away...they got off work at 6pm and got home at 11pm. All roads and interstates were nearly impassable. Lots of cars stranded. Today, it is such a beautiful sight and most roads are cleared.

Background and WA by Linda of "Random Thoughts by Linda", from her day1 of her presents for us.

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