Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Papaw

will do everything he can to make memories for you. A Papaw will buy you things when it's not even your birthday or Christmas, just because he loves you.
Yesterday, Papaw thought he needed to do a little shopping and this is what he decided to get. Now, mind you, this child is only 2 months old! But, thinking back...he's always been like this with all the grandchildren. I think it's because he has some really wonderful memories of his own grandfather. He's told me things he remembers from childhood with his own grandpaw and I know he wants our grandchildren to have those same kind of great memories with him. Besides, I love scrapping and preserving times like these so that they will be forever etched in their little minds....Papaw..ya just gotta love him!

Background paper is called "Awakening" by WeeFaerie.

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