Tuesday, December 14, 2010


My, is seems as if everyone has some snow except our sweet little Texan. What do y'all say we send her about 3 or 4 inches? LOL. It seems to be coming from a northerly direction...hmmm can we all say "Alberta Clipper"? Thanks, Miss Carol. Our high temp for today was 15 and that's without factoring in the wind chill. Despite the cold and snow, Rhett and I ventured out to the grocery store today to pick up some odds and ends. Ya know...chips, dip, Coke, Cocoa for hot chocolate, donuts...just a few of the essentials. LOL Now we can just sit inside and watch it snow, well I can for at least one more day. Have appointment for hair cut and perm on Thursday, but we are suppose to get a heat wave of right around the freezing mark on Thursday. I have all the Christmas shopping finished, except for the food for Christmas Eve dinner. All children and grandchildren will be here and I'm so excited. Should be around 25 people here. Yep, I'll be cooking.
Haven't done any scrap pages for a while. I can't seem to get into my creative mode. I've tried a few pages but not very happy with any of them so I put them on hold for a while. I was looking through my blog the other day, all the way back to my very first post. I was amazed that it was a little over 3 years since that very first post. Wow, how time flies!
Well, ladies, I just wanted to check in with y'all and let you know toddies are being served nightly in the parlor, so if you're inclined to brave the cold and snow, please come on in to the parlor and warm up.
I love you all, dearly...stay warm and stay safe...and, as Linda says "make those memories". Cherish every single one.
Love and hugs,
Miss Scarlett

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