Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Future Fashion Model ??

Our daughter-in-law had recent surgery on her shoulder and today she had to go for physical therapy so we kept Gracie aka Miss Fluff. I love the little outfit she had on, love the colors...where the boots came from, I have NO IDEA!! To start with they were a size to large and everytime we picked her up, one or both would just slip right off. BUT..be that as it may..they were HER boots and SHE wanted to wear them!! Her poor Nana, didn't feel like it was worth the fight to make her wear different shoes. Can't say that I blame her because Miss Fluff is certainly developing her own little attitude, if you get my drift. LOL. Thanks for looking in Miss Fluff's fashion statement of the day.

Kit is from SBM "Girly Girl".

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