Sunday, May 22, 2011

Word of the Day

Such a pretty day yesterday and since Gage loves the outdoors, we decided to take him to the small lake and let him throw rocks in the water. This was his first experience at the lake and, being the little dare-devil that he is, he headed straight for the water. Paw had to grab him or he would have ran right on in. Though it isn't deep at this point, it is very cold since this water comes through the dam straight from the bottom of the big lake on the other side. So after letting him put his hand in to feel how cold it was, they settled down on the grassy bank and threw rocks in the water. Paw threw several and then Gage tried his hand at it (obviously they didn't make it into the water) but after throwing several he found his new word for the day..nuh'-run. As soon as he threw or dropped one he would immediately say 'nuhrun' and Papaw would give him 'another one'. LOL

Thanks for looking in on the little guy who so completely fills our lives and hearts.

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