Monday, December 19, 2011

It's A Southern Thing !

Oh how he loves his gravy and biscuits! Gage is a typical country boy when it comes to breakfast. He has this for breakfast at least twice a week! It's probably fattening (well look at me, I KNOW it's fattening, LOL) but I figure he has sooooo much energy that he burns off the calories before the day is over. Yep, using that left hand..(Daddy is so happy) but sometimes uses the right one also..don't think he's quite made up his mind yet. Anyway, we aren't going to encourage one over the other. I know back in the 'old days' people would try to discourage using the left hand, but we have two left handed children and 2 left handed grandchildren and they have done just fine. Thank God that when Kevin had is accident at work, it was his right hand.

Well, enjoy the toddies, (all you want) and the music and be careful out there on the road...people are wild these few days before Christmas.

Background is "Starlit Dreams" by cuddlebeez.

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