Sunday, March 2, 2008

Now you tell me...

if you are a grandmother, is there any sweeter kiss than one from your grand- baby? I think not. Oh I remember those sweet kisses from my own children..they were heavenly and I thought I would never get a sweeter kiss. That is until I had grandchildren! I think their kisses are straight from the angels. This is Jacob who is now 10 years old and thank goodness he hasn't reached the "too big to be kissing my mamaw" stage. lol In fact, even my grown children haven't reached that stage. If we happen to run into each other while running errands, WalMart, grocery store....where ever. We stop and talk and they will always kiss me before we say bye and go our separate ways. I thank God everyday that He has blessed me with such loving children.
Kit is Country Bouquet by Fishinmom Designs.

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