Friday, March 20, 2009

Jay's Favorite Spot

In all of our large back yard, Jay's favorite spot is this old park bench beneath a tree outside our kitchen window. It is here that he sits and listens to his MP3 player (as you've seen in a previous page), talks to himself, thinks up things he can do to annoy his older brother, or as seen here, spend time "whittlin' and thinkin' ". This was taken a couple of days after we returned from Arizona. "Rhett" and Cory had gone to wash my car and Jay decided to stay here and play outside. When I went to check on him, I found him sitting on the old park bench whittling away on a stick. The knife is one of my Dad's that I had found in one of his dresser drawers when we cleaned out Mom and Dad's things from the house. Dad had several pocket knives and we gave them to Jay and Cory. The headband, (he fashioned himself, obviously, lol) was from a new bandanna that Dad had never taken from the package. So, it was here that Jay passed the time just whittlin' and thinkin'.

I might add that Jay's full name is Jacob Isaiah, but, ever since he was born, we've always called him Jay in honor of my Dad, whose name was Jay.
I know I've rambled on but thanks for lookin' in on a little boy with his great-grandpa's pocket knife.

Kit is "Glynis Cypress Beauty" from CJS Creations.

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AlabamaStoneThrower said...

Love the page of Jay whittling and thinking!!

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