Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all !

After seeing the way Miss Boots so beautifully decorated the veranda, I thought I should make good use of it and do some blogging. LOL.  This is a picture of Gage taken last weekend at Tweetsie amusement park in Blowing Rock, NC. I bet our good friend, Mat remembers hearing about was a train that used to run from NC all the way to Johnson City, TN. way back when! It was long before mine and Mat's time, but now that the train no longer runs, they made an amusement park for it. Kind of like Dollywood only on a much smaller scale. Can you see how this child has grown since my last posting? So hard to believe that he will be 5 next spring. He no longer spends every day with Pap and me, he is a 'big boy' now and goes to day care so that there will be other children he can play with and get used to the kindergarten routine. 

I do hope all is well with my blog sisters. I think since Facebook came along we update each other more frequently on there than on our blogs. Just have to get Miss G into the Facebook age and we will be all set. Maybe if we tell her toddies will be served on FB she will decide to give it a try. LOL.

Things here are somewhat the same...Rhett, thankfully has not been ill this summer and we went to get flu shots last week so hopefully we can keep him well this winter. I, on the other hand, have been having thyroid problems which has caused me to gain a considerable amount of weight, which I hate but nothing can be done about it. I'm on Synthroid but it does not help with the weight problem. Oh the benefits of being old! 

Ok...with thanks again to Miss Boots for both the decorations and the qp, I will sign off now and get ready to watch the new season premier of one of my favorite shows...Nashville! 
Since it's chilly out tonight, I have left toddies for y'all. 
Love and hugs,
Miss Scarlett

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