Monday, May 11, 2009

Remembering "Mamaw"

This is my dear Mother-In-Law, (Rhett's Mother). The last picture we have of her was taken on her 87th birthday. We got her 87 red roses. She has been in Heaven for 6 years. We daughters-in-law always called her "Mamaw". Just a little bit of a thing, barely 5' tall and full of spunk. She almost single handily raised 9 children. What a lady she was. Loved for me to take her shopping cause I was never in a hurry, that's what she always used to say "Judy don't rush me". She could look as long as she wanted to. Before she got sick when she still lived alone....she would get up every morning at 6am and cook a big breakfast..when we asked her why she did that her reply as..."just in case somebody comes by and hasn't eaten yet" (and they usually did, most times it would be one or two of the sons, because it made her happy to feed them). How we miss this beautiful little lady.

We Love You, Mamaw.

Kit is "Grace" from angelscrapper.

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