Thursday, March 11, 2010

Once a nurse...

ALWAYS a nurse. Sorry, I've been MIA for a while. I see Linda and Miss Carol did manage to get my SOS message. LOL

Rhett is on the mend, of course he's getting some great nursing care, lol. He did get to attend Cody's wedding, but wasn't able to stay for the reception. Each episode like this just takes so much out of him, seems like it takes forever for him to be able to do anything. This last one really took a toll on him, he's talking about putting the camper up for sale. Says he just doesn't see any more camping trips in his future. He has a doctor's appointment Monday morning so we'll see how it goes.

Speaking of Monday...Dawn's (our daughter-in-law) doctor says if Connor Gage doesn't make his appearance before Monday, he is going to admit her to the hospital and induce labor. So Monday is lookin' like a busy day around here. Hoping to get to see my new grandson in person!

I had big computer problems Tuesday and it wouldn't let me do anything!!! Couldn't even get into my Photoshop program (now that's a major deal). I tried to send out a short message on chat..had no idea if it got sent or not. But I see from the cbox message that it did get sent. Now, I'm nursing my 'puter. Just got it back today and I'm scared to death that it will have a re-lapse. LOL. So far, it seems to have recovered nicely. I'll do my best to make rounds tonight and leave love and hugs and even a few toddies for everyone.

Love and Hugs,
Miss Scarlett

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