Sunday, April 18, 2010

Can you say "demolition"?

Being a homeowner isn't always all it's cracked up to be. Especially when your house is as old as you are! lol. It all started over a week ago when dear Rhett discovered a leak from the hot water heater (which is located in a closet in "his" bathroom). OK, not really a big a new water heater. Oldest son comes over and helps with removal and installation. However, upon removal of old water heater, he discovers it had apparently been leaking for a while. QUITE A WHILE! Floor needs problem, we have another bathroom (MINE!) so Greg says, he will do it this weekend. Dear Rhett decides, if they are going to replace the floor, might as well do the WHOLE bathroom! This means new sheet rock, new tile around tub and shower, new floor covering and since this is an older house, probably wouldn't hurt to put in new insulation in walls while they are at it.
Sheet-rock, flooring, tile, Oh my!
Needless to say, a weekend project is turning into a WEEK project!

Does anyone know why it is that when you are remodeling just one room, the WHOLE house appears as if you're moving out??? So, oldest son has to go back to work tomorrow and youngest son is off this week. Looks like he will be taking over where big brother left off. Hopefully, things will go smoothly and I can get my house in order soon (and not have to share my bathroom,lol). Good time to start on spring cleaning, I guess.

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