Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Morning with Ashton

If this page looks a little "busy", it's because it really is! Ashton's visit today was an outside day. So warm here, this little guy wanted to be outside. Pic #1 he's picking a dandelion for his Memaw. Pic #2 Playing hide and seek with Big Paw. Pic #3 Papaw finds Ashton. Pic #4 Everyone in the neighborhood knows Ashton is here. Pic # 5, there's nothing Big Paw would rather do than clean the finger and face prints off the glass door, lol. Pic. #6 Sunshine on my tummy makes me happy. Pics. 7 & 8 Big Paw and his best buddy. And last but not least..pic #9 is his "I don't want to go inside!" pose. If you click on the page, you can see the pics better.

Background and bow by AngelScrapper's "Summer Breeze" kit. Cluster frame by our friend, Miss Gerri.

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