Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gracie Goes Fishin'

Miss Fluff had quite an adventure over the long holiday weekend. Her Papaw and Nana (our son Greg and daughter-in-law Tammy) took her on her first camping trip (in a tent!) Nope,we didn't go. We stayed home in the air conditioning! Besides, we are far too old to do tent camping anymore. We haven't even had our camper out yet this summer. Much too hot! If I'm just gonna have to sit in the camper with the air on, may as well stay home. But Greg and Tammy are much younger so they can handle it. Miss Fluff had so much fun sitting in the dirt and rocks playing, riding in Tammy's brother's boat, playing in the water and pretending to fish. I have more pics of her after playing in the dirt...first time she's ever been dirty! lol. Greg and Tammy go back to work tomorrow so we will have Miss Fluff at 6:00 tomorrow. YES, that would be 6 AM! LOL. Hope she has worked off some of that energy, cause I can't keep up!
Oh..did I mention they refer to me as "Big Mamaw"?...she has learned to call me "Mammy". LOL

Kit is Spring's Breath by Heartfelt Perfections.

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