Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rhett's Birthday

Rhett's birthday started out with of course, a visit from Ashton and he didn't come empty handed...this little one appeared at the door carrying a cake for Papaw. We had our usual breakfast and afterwards Ashton proceeded to show Papaw what you are suppose to do with a birthday cake! First you stick you finger in the icing, see like get a big bunch of icing and then you stick your finger in your mouth! It was so precious, watching them..definitely a moment to remember.

Seems we have been celebrating most of the week because everyone has different schedules. Thursday night Greg, Tammy and Miss Fluff took us to Lonestar Steakhouse to eat dinner, yesterday we grilled out at home, and tonight Kevin and Dawn made a wonderful dinner at their house for Gary's birthday...I think I've gained 15 pounds in the last few days and it wasn't even my birthday LOL!!

Rhett wants me to express his thanks and sends big hugs to you all who made pages for his special day and sent birthday wishes by e-mail. He says you all are very special ladies.

Background paper is BrandNew by LillyBelle

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