Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ya gotta take the bad with the good but it all works out in the end.

Bad = the fact that Cory's high school football team lost their playoff game last night, so their season is over. But they did put up a good fight and had a mostly good season. Being ranked #5 in their division in the state. I'd call that something to be proud of.

Good = just finished watching my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide beat up on Mississippi State. Yeah, Roll Tide! (nope, even though I'm a TN southern belle, I've never been a Vols fan.)

Great= just came back into the parlor and found that two of my dearest "missing in action" friends had visited for hot toddies while I was watching the game. Sorry I missed you Sylvia and Jay!!! Great to hear from you all again....y'all come back real soon now, ya hear!! LOL. Sure have missed you guys, but I certainly understand how real life doesn't always allow time off for playing.

Haven't had a lot of play time myself recently. Miss Fluff is learning to walk (heaven help me when she fully gets the hang of it, lol) and Gage is trying his best to crawl. Right now he finds that he can usually roll to where ever it is he wants to get to. I can tell he is going to be a very independent little dude..when we stand him up he keeps trying to push our hands away as if to say..."I can do it myself, thank you very much!" They are both so funny when they are here together. Wednesday was a "Gracie" day and Kevin brought Gage by to visit. Well, Gage is so totally possessive of his Papaw..he laid his head down on Papaw's chest and just stared at Gracie as if to say "my Paw..don't even think about touching him". But they really do love each other, Gracie wants to give Gage kisses but she is almost afraid to because he is all hands and wants to just grab her and pull her to him. lol. Gotta teach that young man some manners on how to treat a lady, lol.

Oh yeah, forgot to say I got reports back from X-rays and CT's. Have to see an orthopedic doc. Something about severe degeneration of C5/6 and C6/7 spine with disc narrowing and osteophyte formation. No wonder I've been in so much pain. I think the short term for all this is simply "OLD AGE". lol.

Well, must get ready for bed now, gotta get up early for church and going to be a busy week, we are having revival services all next week. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend and a fabulous week ahead..just 'plum' full of memories!!
Love and Hugs,
Miss Scarlett

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