Monday, October 29, 2007

Country Road

This is another picture I took after picking up my grandsons at school. There is, of course, a major highway that we can take, but the boys and I prefer taking this route on the way home from school. It's just a small two lane country road that winds around what is called "the bluff".
Off to the left in this picture, you can look down and see the river running along the same path only it's about 300 feet below the road. On this day it was misting rain and the leaves are starting to fall, though they have not fully turned yet. My goal is to make just a little memory of the beauty my grandsons and I shared. Maybe, one day when they are older, they will drive down this same road and say.....
"I remember when Mamaw used to drive us down this same road to show us how pretty it was. Those were the good old days."
This is the new kit from cjsscrapbookingwithattitude called "Miss J".

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Linda said...

What a beautiful ride this must be! So peaceful looking!

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