Sunday, October 14, 2007

Goodness, I Missed You All !

Hi everyone!! Have I only been gone one week??? Seems like much longer. It's going to take me forever to catch up on everyones postings. Thank you Linda, for watching after Floyd for can still visit him, but remember, I'm watching you. And Gerri, I'm sorry I left you alone to deal with all these younguns. That's a lot for one MATURE LADY to deal with! lol
Wow, I hope everyone had a Sunday as full of blessings and I did. We had such wonderful services at church today, both this morning and tonight. God was truly in our midst!!
OK, camping was fun this past week, peaceful, relaxing, hot, cold, dry, rainy!! You name it, except for snow we had a little of everything. Monday it was in the 90's, so we ran the air conditioner, Tuesday was sunny but windy so that was really nice. Wednesday it was cool but comfortable, Thursday..rain all day, we ran the heater. Friday....Doggone COLD! I guess this was truly the last camping trip of the season. lol
Well, I must be off lots of catching up to do. When you are a social butterfly, like me, (LOL) you have lots of friends' blogs to visit.
I love you all,

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