Monday, April 28, 2008

We're Home, Come On In

Hi dear friends. Finally, we are home.. My darling, Rhett is feeling better but he is far from back to normal. He has oxygen continuously but hopefully after he gets his strength built back up a little he can go back to using it only at night, like before. After all this, do you think he'll listen to me next time I say "you need to go to the doctor", instead of being stubborn and telling me, "I'm ok, I'll feel better in a day or two." MEN!!!!

We can't thank you enough for all your prayers and get well wishes. I've seen the pages that you all have made but haven't had time to comment yet. I've told Gary about them, he hasn't been able to make it into my office yet to actually see them but he will soon. He thinks you all are a great bunch of friends and he sends his thanks to all.

As for me....I've missed y'all so much and can't wait to get back into my normal routine visiting with all of you and seeing all the beautiful pages that I've missed. I did notice that Miss Gerri's page of her visit to us won Page of the Week....Congratulations, Miss Gerri..that was hilarious!!

1 comment:

angelscrapper said...

so glad you guys are home have missed ya all, glad Rhett is feeling better, hope you are well. Love ya

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