Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jacob Rocks!

This is Jacob Isaiah, our youngest grandchild. My goodness, is he 11 years old already? (Where do the years go?) Anyway, he is a music lover, big time. (It runs in the family) This was taken on Christmas morning and "Jay" rocked out most of the day. Finally he just couldn't rock any longer. LOL Tomorrow is a big day for our family, Jacob will be helping our preacher during morning services, (he has a little skit planned to go along with the sermon) and tomorrow night, Jacob will be baptized along with 4 more children in the youth group at church and a couple of adults. What a blessed day it is going to be. Yep, Miss Linda, we will be filling it to the brim and perhaps even overflowing!! Thanks so much for looking in as we are so proud of this little guy.

This is not a kit..I just played around with the background to try to match his shirt, the musical notes were a freebie from Graphix-4-All. The frame, I've had for ages don't remember whose it is but was a freebie.

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