Saturday, January 24, 2009

So much love

in this one little bundle! We got to babysit Ashton yesterday for a couple of hours while Mommy went to the doctor. Oh, what fun we had! I took a gazillion pictures of course. This one is my favorite, I put a quilt on the floor and was sitting beside him, saying how much we love him and what a good boy he is.... you know....all the important things that Mamaw's have to say. He seemed to be taking it all in and understanding every word. When we had our children, my heart seemed to fill up. Then we had grandchildren and I thought "I didn't know I still had room in my heart for so much love", then along came great-grandchildren...and we discovered our hearts are overflowing!! Ashton is our little miracle, so is it any wonder that he filled our hearts to the brim and overflowing?
I did this page without a kit. My own color choice, paper pattern, embossing and words. The bow was a freebie from CUFreebies and Ashton is a gift from God.

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