Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Nothin' Says Lovin'

like somethin' from the oven". As you know, some of us went on a road trip to welcome Miss Linda back home from her recent hot air balloon trip. As we got out of the tour bus, provided by Miss Gerri and driven by Miss Chris ('cause apparently they think I can't drive in snow), we peeked in Miss Linda's window and saw that she had prepared some freshly baked hockey pucks, I mean cookies, for us. Now isn't that just the sweetest thing, for her to do that for us?
We were so overwhelmed by her hospitality that we ate every single one! Thank you so much, Linda, for your hospitality. Got to go now......have a dentist appointment. I broke a tooth...don't know how that happened!! LOL
Kit is from CJS Creations "Winter Blues". I got the cookies from Jenny's "Yummy for my Tummy". The window png I've had for quite a while, not sure where I got it.

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