Friday, September 18, 2009

Best Buddies

Big Papaw is Ashton's best buddy and vice-versa. You would have to see the two of them together, on his Saturday morning visits with us, to get the full effect. They have so much fun in this one corner of our sofa (but believe me...they are also all over the place! lol) He loves taking Papaw's hat off and putting it on his own head, just a little thing, but oh what fun it is for him. My friend Linda always says make some memories and fill it to the brim...well, that's what these two do!
By the way...Ashton's shirt says "I don't sleep..nobody sleeps!" Truer words were never spoken!! LOL

Used a QP made by Mat using Angelscrapper's "Fall Splendor" and "Painted Paper" kits.

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