Saturday, September 5, 2009

Story of Mamaw's Wind Chime

How we look forward to Ashton's Saturday morning visits. His "Me-Maw", Melissa is our daughter and she and Ashton visit every Saturday morning, always stopping to pick up breakfast for us. After eating breakfast and listening to Ashton's usual "coffee can/wooden spoon
performance, we made our way to my 'office' where I proceeded to show Melissa all the pictures of our new Leiah that I have on the computer (aren't digital cameras and e-mail just the neatest things, lol). Oh, yes Mam..I have at least 30 pictures just from her first two days! Be prepared, 'cause we are going to Charlotte tomorrow, with my trusty Kodak in hand, to see her in person. I'm so excited, can ya tell? Anyway, (I got kinda off track here) after viewing the pictures, it is such a beautiful fall day here so we ventured onto the veranda. Ashton love my wind chimes and the first pic shows Papaw letting him sit on the banister, he's a happy little camper. Second pic shows Papaw letting him swing my angel wind chime, it makes noise..Ashton loves it. In the third pic, Ashton decides he really likes the angel hanging from the wind chime and decides he wants it for his very own! LOL. (nothing a little super glue can't fix).
It's such little things in life that bring us the most joy and happiness. Like the expression on this little one's face, moments like this are treasures for all time, tucked safely in our hearts. Like my dear friend, Linda always says "go make some memories." Thanks for sharing mine with me today. Hope your day is just as blessed as ours.

Kit is "Peace and Joy" by JaelopDesigns.

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