Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh my how we love this little one

and we haven't even got to see her in person yet! They live about a 3 hour drive away but "Good Lord Willing", we are making the trip Sunday to meet Leiah Elizabeth Grace in person. Our oldest son, Greg, is Leiah's "Papaw" and he's already decided he's calling her "Gracie". I've kinda decided I'm calling her "Leiah-Beth" (combination of Leiah and Elizabeth) 'cause I just like the sound of it. We always give our grand children nicknames..her mom, Candace Jasmine has always been CJ. Our other grand daughter Tiffani Danielle has always been "Tiffi". Haven't come up with one for Ashton yet.
I know, I'm probably boring y'all silly with these ramblings (sorry bout that), it's just that I'm so excited and feeling so very blessed. Thank you all so much for sharing in our newest little one's arrival.

This kit is "Mommy Dearest" by BoolandDesigns. Word art is my newest one, available at

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