Friday, September 18, 2009

Guess who's coming to dinner?

Plans were that CJ (Candace) and "Leiah-Beth" were coming to visit this weekend. But they weren't going to leave until tomorrow night. Well, I just got a call from our son, Greg, (who is the new Papaw) and he is leaving for Charlotte first thing in the morning to bring them back with him. See, he's got this new Papaw thing going on and he can't wait all day for them to get here, so he's going to get them himself. He's been working on the nursery at his house all week and it's ready and waiting. He was so funny tonight when I talked to him..he said "I've got my rocking chair in the living room, the cradle sitting right beside it, bought a case of formula and a case of diapers....I'm good to go!!

In the meantime, I'm standing ready with camera in hand. I just purchased a new one. Nothing wrong with my little Kodak C743 it's taken all the pics you've seen so far...but I convinced my dear Rhett that I needed a new one. I got the Cannon Power Shot SX10-IS. Has 10 mp and 20x zoom. Came with an owners manual with 286 pages...will I ever learn to use all the features, who knows? I guess trial and error method will work for now. LOL

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