Friday, October 16, 2009

Miss Personality

Yep, little Miss Leiah is visiting for the weekend. Looks like she left the attitude at home this time. LOL. She was in such a good mood after a 3 hour drive, but then again, she got to sleep all the way here. Papaw Greg (our son) left at 7am to drive to Charlotte to bring CJ (oops, I mean Candace) and Leiah here for the weekend. He called me at 11 am and said "I'm on my way back with precious cargo." They stopped by our house for a couple of hours so Little Miss Personality had to under go a photo shoot by Big Mamaw. She seems to be developing her own little personality now. Smiling and cooing and soaking up all the attention. Here, she is propped up on the throw pillows on my bed. The teddy bear beside her stays on my bed,(it was Mom's and that black strap on it's arm is Mom's watch. My sister put it on the bear's arm and that's where it will stay). Thank you for looking in on Little Miss Leiah minus the "tude".

Kit is "Genesis" by SCUK scrappersemporium.

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