Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blog Sisters are Wonderful

Wow, I didn't realize, until I read Miss Linda's blog, that it's been almost almost 2 1/2 years that some of us stared this blog thingy. AMAZING. I feel so blessed to have developed such a close and strong friendship with my blog sisters. We have watched as darling new babies become sweet toddlers; toddlers grew up to start preschool; children move away and then move back, grandparents become great-grandparents (only Rhett and I are that old, lol); Miss Carol decided to go "topless" in a manner of speaking; Linda became the best chicken plucker in WI; Gerri and Al shuffled off to Buffalo;Mat had surgery and recovered well and Miss Judytoo has had more than her share of trials but has also had many blessings. I've been blessed as you all have comforted me in the loss of my parents, in Rhett's and my illnesses; in the way that you have supported and listened to me when things didn't go exactly as we would have wanted, but as God had planned. And we discover later that His plan was so much better than ours.

It's been a quite week here. No Miss Fluff cooing and laughing out loud; no 'coffee can drum' concert by Ashton. Oh, there have been lots and lots of phone calls, but it's not the same as having them here in person. They hold the phone up to Miss Fluff's ear and when she hears my voice she giggles and makes noises and they say her eyes get really big and bright. Don't know if I can survive one more week without our little ones.

So, as I was reading Miss Linda's Saturday ramblings earlier, she said she was going to be cleaning and dancing to her music and it reminded me of how very similar all of my blog sister's music tastes are to mine. Last night I was looking for one of my favorite songs to add to my blog (I found it..Rock and Roll Heart by Eric Clapton, as you probably have noticed if you have your speakers turned up). Anyway, after I added it to my playlist, I pulled up each of your playlists and had Rhett play "Name that Tune and Artist" (OK, it was very late last night and we were bored, lol). He did very well with Miss Boots, Miss Carol and Mat, not so well with Miss G 'cause he's not really into Josh Groban and Dave Koz but he got most of the others. Wow, we really need to be able to get out of this house!!! LOL

We are really looking forward to the month of March, not only because Spring will be here, but because our 20 year old grandson, Cody will be getting married to his high school sweetheart. They both graduated 2 years ago and will be getting married March 6. Also, we are expecting brand new grandson, Connor Gage, on the 22nd. He will be the third son for our youngest son, Kevin and his wife Dawn. Did I mention that their other two, Cory and Jacob are ages 14 and 12? Talk about an age gap!! He will practically be an only child by the time he's old enough to start school. I have a feeling March will be a great month (even if it snows, lol).

OK, I suppose I've bored you all long enough for tonight. As our dear friend Miss Linda says...I hope you all have "filled it to the brim with memories today". Happy Valentine's Day to you all. I love you dearly and will leave out extra hot toddies.
Miss Scarlett

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